...about the markets


I will gather information from different sources and I will deeply analyse them. The results of the research have to be clear and relevant to our project. That is why this analysis must be undertaken.


I could use both primary and secondary data but since I'm just a student, it is difficult to get good quality primary data. If I do a survey, this would need to be done over thousands people, not from some tourists I would have found on the Royal Mile.

So I decided I will only use secondary data. These sources will mainly come from the Internet such as: But they can also be books, magazines or interviews.

...about the tours


I will gather information from different sources according to the customer profile which will have been done previously. This profile will lead me in my research. For instance, if the customers don't like nature, there is no point to waste time looking for information about national parks. A deep analysis of the results will be undertaken in order to chose the best places for our customers, which will make excellent tours.


A lot of information can be gathered for this part. Most important sources are internet and the tourist information centre. If I need more information about an attraction/hotel/restaurant/etc, I may require the help of the staff of the tourist information centre. BBC Scotland also provide good documentaries about nice places around Scotland. This can be a good place to look for information about tours.

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