Means of communication

Different means of communication came to my mind to communicate with the manager during the progress of the project:

  • reports/memos on hard copy
  • reports/memos via emails
  • daily meetings with the manager
  • a blog regularly updated with information found and results
  1. hard copy reports

    This first option has quickly been abandoned because of its cost. Hard copy reports are a waste of money for the company and are surely not good for the company to achieve its objectives of green business.

  2. reports/memos via emails

    Then there was the method of emailing the manager. At first, it was a good idea. No waste of paper, easily and quickly accessible. Only one thing made me reluctant to chose this option. Imagine yourself as a manager, you receive emails everyday from suppliers, customers, partners, sponsors, etc. You must nearly spend an hour to read and answer to all those emails. If all your staff start emailing you every week about what they have done for the last few days, you would spend hours reading emails which might be without interest.

  3. daily meetings with the manager

    This could have been a great idea if managers had nothing to do. Unfortunately a manager is always busy. This would be madness to have a meeting everyday. The project is supposed to last several months. The manager might get ill or go on holiday. At these times, it won't be possible to reach her to talk about the project.

  4. a blog regularly updated with the progress of the project

    Here is a perfect mean of communication: free, ecological, tidy, easily and quickly accessible. A blog will make the task much clearer. Moreover it will gather the whole progress of the project in one place. The manager will also be able to comment on each new post if there is something that needs to be changed/improved. However there is still a last thing that is not included with a blog. There is no way to notify the manager of important problems you need to talk about. The manager might forget to have a regular look at your progress.

  5. A combination of means of communication

    As we have seen above, only one way of communication wasn't enough. There was always a problem somehow. So I decided to use every asset of each of these means of communication. I will mainly use a blog on which I will update the progress of the project. So it will also serve the purpose of log book. The manager will be able to comment on it about any change or improvement that need to be done.

    At the very end of the project, a report will be done.

    If there is any important issue I need to discuss about with the manager during the process of the project, I will email the manager about it. According to the complexity of the problem, we will have a proper meeting or she will simply email me back.

    At the end of each stage of the project, a new page will be added on the website (i.e. results of research about customer profile...)


Obviously the blog must be protected by a username and a password. Since this case study only is an exercise and the professional version of this website is not free, we will consider this website as well secured. In a real company, the IT staff would easily find a way to protect the website.

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