Analysis of the client brief

As an employee of JD tours, I have been asked to prepare proposals for 3 touring itineraries of 5 nights / 6 days duration, each based on a different theme:

  • Tour 1 will follow an itinerary based on Scottish culture (i.e. customs, food, industry, sport, events, Nessy, etc)
  • Tour 2 will follow an itinerary based on Scottish History (i.e. Kings and Queens, famous battlefields, famous warriors, archaeological sites, etc)
  • Tour 3 will enable the visitor to participate in a selection of activities for which Scotland is particularly noted (i.e. golf, climbing, hiking, Elephant polo, etc).

In order to provide excellent products and services, it will be necessary to undertake deep researches about the new markets. Once those are done, we will have a better idea of what the customers expect from our tours. So we will be able to do more researches to create tours which will satisfy the customers.

If we want to exceed customers' expectations, we need to think of a marketing approach

For each tour, the client brief asks to identify the most appropriate and effective methods of promoting the new tours to the incoming market.

Since JD tours is a company which cares a lot about customer experience, it will be necessary to provide a customer care strategy for the new expanded operation. This one should be slightly different from the usual strategy because we now are dealing with a new range of customers. Those customers are from outside the United Kingdom. Demography, trends and culture generally have a major impact on people behavior.

Three main reports will have to be done: customer care and marketing reports with the main report which is basically the answer to the brief: 3 touring itineraries. A log book will also be created to help the manager see the progress of the project.

The results will have to be presented in a professional way. I will also have to decide how I will communicate with the manager until the deadline. 

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