Log book

Date Activity Comments
12/02/2012Research about the Dutch Market 
11/02/2012Research about the Dutch Market 
28/02/2012Research about the Dutch Market 
13-17/02/2012Research about the German Market + results posted onlineResearch about
German market finished
6/02/2012Research about the German Market 
30/01/2012 Research about the German and Dutch Markets  
30/01/2012 Start of the Developing Stage  
24/11/2011 Planning stage (website version) Finished
24/11/2011 Methods and sources of research Finished
24/11/2011 Analysis of the client brief Amended and Finished
24/11/2011 Means of communication

Amended and finished

21/11/2011 Timescale Finished
11/11/2011 Aims and Objectives of the case study Finished
9/11/2011 Aims and Objectives of the case study  
7/11/2011 Website updates (Client Brief, Analysis)
Creation of the online log book
5/11/2011 Analysed the Client Brief
Defined the means of communication that will be used
Started to identify/define the aims and objectives of the case study
Started to fill in the website
12/10/2011 Introduction to Graded Unit  
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