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All information on this page were found in the document VisitScotland, 2011 - b. See bibliographies.

In 2010, the Netherlands were Scotland's 7th largest international market in terms of volume and 9th largest in terms of spend

Size of the market

Dutch population: 16.8 million
Dutch population over 50s (Perspective Monde, 2010 - a): 5,939,221 people (over 35% of the Dutch population)
Number of Dutch who travelled abroad in 2009: 27 million (which means most of Dutch people went abroad more than once in 2009)
Number of Dutch visitors in Scotland (2010): 135,000 people
Percentage of the Dutch visitors in Scotland who are over 50s (2010): more than 27% (which represents 36,450 people)

Dutch Visits to UK by Purpose (VisitScotland, 2011 - b)
Holiday 39%
VFR 25%
Business 28%
Total 100%
Analysis of the results

According to the previous data, over 27% of Dutch who visited Scotland in 2010 were over 50s, which represent over  36,450 people. 
64% of German visitors were in Scotland for holidays or to visit friends and family. So the majority of German visitors over 50s will be assumed to be either on holiday either visiting friends and family. This means that the size of the Dutch market for JD Tours project is about 36,450 potential customers. This market could be expanded through the years since almost 6 million people are over 50s in Netherlands.

Visitor profile


  • well educated
  • wealthy
  • interest in culture, environment and nature/wildlife.
  • keen on deals
  • keen walkers, don't mind waking up for an early walk and eating outside.
  • use the internet during their holiday (wifi + mobile)

Holiday motivation / Perception of Scotland as a holiday destination


  • Relaxation
  • Exploring beautiful landscapes
  • Learning about other countries and their way of life (culture and traditions)
  • Discovering new places
  • Wildlife/nature
  • Authentic and natural experience with walks and outdoor activities.

Barriers for visiting Scotland

There is no particular barrier for visiting Scotland. The majority of Dutch people speak a quite good English but a guide who can speak Dutch should still be there for Dutch customers. This would add great value to JD Tours products and services.
Dutch visitors cited that Scotland as a holiday destination could be better value for money: more interaction with local people and transport.

Holiday expenditure

Average spend per night:£76 (2010)
Average spend per trip £467 (2010)

Holiday frequency and length

6 nights.

In spite of the economic climate, 57% of the Dutch population expect to spend as much time on holiday as before. Over 22% think of taking more holidays.

Planning & Booking

89% of internet penetration in the Netherlands. So most of Dutch population has access to the web to book online.
Online booking: over 50% of Dutch travellers
bookings in travel agencies: 13% - mostly used when there no other way to book

How do they plan?
- Internet: 70%
- Travel guide books: 42%
- Travel agencies: 5%
- Travel brochures: 4%
- Recommendations from friends and family: 9%

- Planning: 4.9 months before departure
- Booking: 3.3 months before departure

Ways to approach the market (VisitBritain, 2012 - b)

- online newspapers
- magazines
- online ads
- social networks (Facebook, Twitter) 

Accommodation preferences

Camping but hotels and B&Bs/Guest Houses are also popular.

Holiday Travel Mode

73% by air
24% by sea
2% by Channel tunnel

Popular months for visiting Scotland

May to september. August being the most popular month.

Popular Activities and Areas for Dutch tourists

Highland & Skye
Edinbugh City
Loch Lomond and the Trossachs
Glasgow City
Museums and Art galleries (VisitBritain, 2012 - b)
Live music events (VisitBritain, 2012 - b)
Theatre (VisitBritain, 2012 - b)
Going to a football match (VisitBritain, 2012 - b)
Playing golf (VisitBritain, 2012 - b)
Walking in the countryside (VisitBritain, 2012 - b)
Parks and Gardens (VisitBritain, 2012 - b)

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